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Damers First School

Damers First School

Butterfly Totem Pole Damers First School

Damers First School have unveiled an amazing Butterfly Totem Pole in their school grounds overlooking the Great Field on Poundbury. The wooden, carved Butterfly Totem Pole came about through an Art Exhibition the school took part in with Poundbury Arts organised by Judy Tate. The Exhibition was called It’s up to Us, after a book […]

Pumpkins Damers First School

The school grew pumpkins with enough for each class to have one each. Each class choose what to do with their pumpkin from carving and making a soup or roasting the pumpkins to taste. The children learned about food waste and the effects it has on climate change.

Streets Alive Dorchester Damers First School

Dorchester Transport Action Group (DTAG) with support from Dorchester Town Council and Sustrans organised a No Car Day Event at Acland Road Carpark on Friday 22nd September 2023. No Car Day was celebrated across the world to highlight the effects cars are having on climate change and air quality. The Acland Road Carpark was closed […]

Dorchester to Poundbury Cycle Route

Damers Eco Crew have been working with Jon from Sustrans to look at the Air Quality around the school. The children have put up diffusion tubes that will monitor how good the air quality is outside the school, School Grounds and inside Classrooms. The tubes will be sent to a science lab to be analysed […]

Dorset COP Event

Two members of Damers Eco Crew represented the school at the Dorset COP event which was being held at the Corn Exchange, Dorchester on Saturday 9th September. Dorset Cop was a chance for organisations across Dorset to link together to promote Climate Action from the key stakeholders. The children spoke passionately about our eco campaigns […]

Damers First School – Nature Journal

Skipper 1 have been taking part in a Nature Premium field trial led by Harmony Project funded by the Aurora Trust. The aim of the field trial is to gather evidence to show that increasing children’s connection with nature benefits learning and improves physical and mental wellbeing. The evidence will be used at a national […]

Damers First School – Power Down Day

Damers Eco Crew have been focusing on reducing the schools energy consumption. Since September we set a target of reducing our energy consumption by 10% each month which we have met so far. We use a programme called Energy Sparks that helps us to analyse how much energy we are using. We organised a power […]