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Damers First School

Damers First School

Bird Boxes

Children in Year 2 made bird boxes with DT Teachers at The Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester. The children learned how to saw, hammer, use an electric screwdriver as well as a drill.      

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

The whole of Damers First School had a competition to see who could collect the most plastic bottles to help build a plastic bottle green house. We needed to collect 1500 2 litre plastic bottles. All the bottles were collected in two weeks and the plastic bottle greenhouse was made in 6 weeks with help […]

Recycling Cartridges/Toners on Poundbury

Damers Eco Crew from Damers First School have signed up to Empties Please, a website which recycles ink printing cartridges as well as toners for money which the school will receive. This initiative also reduces on landfill waste by recycling. The Eco Crew have also persuade the Store Manager at Poundbury Waitrose, Jeremy Board, to […]

Refill Poundbury

Damers Eco Crew (5 – 9 year olds) have been working with Litter Free Dorset Coast and Sea on their Refill Dorset Campaign. They launched Refill Poundbury in November in front of businesses and guests. They wrote a letter to these businesses asking them to sign their business up to the Campaign. They then visited […]