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Twinning Resources

Here you’ll find all you need to know to get going on our twinning programme and some activities and ideas to get you going once you are signed up and paired with a UAE School.

Climate Letters Activity

In our new Climate Letters resource you an learn about global warming and the UN COP conferences on climate change and identify a locally important business that you can write a letter to in order to ask about the action they are taking to be more environmentally friendly.

Twinning: Travel Guide

In this activity the students will prepare a travel guide of the twinned school’s city or country. Your students will research and write about the twinned schools location, accommodation, activities, sights, food & drink, culture, getting around, local customs or anything they think a visitor should know about. The travel guide can be presented as […]

Twinning: Instructables

In this activity, students are tasked with picking an item to make, that conveys some information about their home country.  Perhaps a model of an animal that is common in that country, or a box decorated with meaningful designs. Once students are happy with their designs, they write a set of instructions and send it […]

Twinning: Animal Top Trumps

In this activity you’ll find out about the mountains and uplands of the UK and UAE, and the animals that live there. Both schools will contribute to a shared card game which can then be used to learn about the animals from both regions.