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Tag: Completed Mission

Camborne Science & Community College Raises Awareness on Heavy Metal Pollution

In the past few years, Camborne Science and Community College has built strong links with the Ritsumeikan High School in Japan, so it was with great anticipation that three of our students travelled all the way to the Shiga District near Kyoto in Japan last month. Their mission: to present a scientific study at an International […]

Get on Your Boots and Dig Some Roots! – Turners Hill School

Holly Class were studying WW2, evacuation and rationing. As always, at Turners Hill, we like to try and tie our topics to our healthy eating and environmental ethos, so the children were asked to come up with a campaign similar to that of the Dig for Victory campaign but with a modern twist, ours being to […]

Coleshill Infants’ School – Save The Polar Bear!

This term the year 2 pupils undertook a project on polar bears, linking with the international conference on climate change. The children studied the bears’ habitat, finding out where they live, what they eat and how they are now endangered because of global warming. We made a display of the children’s work to show the […]

Coleshill CofE Infant School – Our Eco Garden

We are developing our school eco garden. First we had 3 new raised beds installed, then all the children planted herbs and vegetables. We had the most amazing pumpkins and marrows.  Some unusual purple sprouts are growing now.  Also the children grew their own potatoes and took them home to share with their families. Everyone at […]

HEAL @ Skinners’ School 2008-2009

Skinners’ School in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, is already renowned for being at the front of the fight against saving energy, with solar panels supplying all of our science and catering facilities and filtering left over energy into the national grid. These were in place before I (Miss Montoya) started and organised by a teacher called […]

Lymm High School: Spreading the “Sense of Community” across Continents

Our sense of ‘community’ transcends national boundaries. We have taken a conventional school twinning project and transformed it into a international project for the whole community. The result is a complex and innovative scheme that is having a massive impact on students and adults on two continents. Warrington hit the national headlines for the wrong […]

tREe’Cycle’ at Queen Elizabeth II High School – Mission Report!

Summary: We were concerned about the increasing carbon emissions from our school transport. We conducted a survey on vehicle use, model, emissions and journey length for the entire school for a year. We calculated, we needed to plant 4490 trees to offset annual transport emissions. To date we have planted 2800 trees, organised a cycle […]

Leaden Hall – How sustainable is our school?

If we are absolutely honest, how on this beautiful earth can a school be ‘sustainable’? We are users – and heavy users at that – of resources, heat and equipment. Health and Safety dictates that we cannot cut back on so many aspects of light and heat, while quick responses, financial constraints and necessity dictate […]