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From Turners Hill to Tanzania

In July 2012 Turners Hill School were lucky enough to win £1000 in the Green School Awards. We have already implemented many green initiatives in school and decided that we would like to spread the eco message further afield, internationally! We decided that we would like to spend the money on a laptop and solar […]

Penryn College congratulates their new Eco-Team!!! – Mission Update!

After a long and intensive process of applications and interviews the new Eco-Committee at Penryn College has been appointed.  The Eco-Committee with Eco-Team Leaders are responsible for leading the Eco-School project at Penryn, deciding its direction and actions for the coming year.  A huge congratulations to the following students: Andy Gooding – Eco-Committee Chair Zoe […]

Environmental Leaders at Penryn College

Penryn College started the Eco-Schools project this time last year and we have come along way since then.  The project is now run by an Eco-School Committee of students including Chair, Vice-Chair, Events Manager, PR, and Secretary, with 6 topic teams led by a team leader including Energy, Water, Recycling, Transport, Biodiversity and Healthy living. Because […]

The Living Classroom at Penryn College – Mission Update!

It’s coming to an incredibly exciting time for Penryn College as we move closer to the opening of our Living Classroom project and the first of our planting events. Since moving in to our new school site in September, the Eco-Schools Biodiversity team have been planning the development of the school grounds to reflect their […]

Jade’s Trip to Nepal

At the Jane Goodall Global Youth Summit, in April 2008, I met Manoj Gautam and Raajan Subedi, who are two of the Roots & Shoots members from Nepal. Manoj and I became close friends very quickly and he soon asked me to come and visit them in Nepal to help with their conservation and community […]

Roots & Shoots form a partnership with Red Balloon to help the James Bulger House Appeal in Liverpool

Roots & Shoots have recently formed a partnership with the charity Red Balloon. JGI are encouraging Roots & Shoots groups in Liverpool and across the UK to help raise money for the Red Balloon appeal as part of their human community projects. The first Red Balloon Learner Centre was set up in a private home […]