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Tag: endangered species

Palm Oil – Mad Hatters

4th June 2019 Palm oil and the detrimental effects palm oil plantations are having on forests around the world including Indonesia, Malaysia, South America and Africa, but most importantly; how these plantations are impacting climate change, along with the animals that live in those forests, is quite a hefty subject and one that’s very complicated. […]

Webster’s High Squirrel Project – Mission Update!

This year Webster’s High Junior Science group has been working on a Red Squirrel Project. The pupils learnt about red squirrels, where they live, what they like to eat, where they would be able to see red squirrels in our local area, and invited in the local wildlife ranger to give a talk about squirrels.  Pupils prepared and manned […]

Coleshill Infants’ School – Save The Polar Bear!

This term the year 2 pupils undertook a project on polar bears, linking with the international conference on climate change. The children studied the bears’ habitat, finding out where they live, what they eat and how they are now endangered because of global warming. We made a display of the children’s work to show the […]

Starting Small in the Highlands – Home Facilitator Mission Update!

My fellow agents are a small but resourceful group of disabled and able-bodied students who have a curtailed access to mainstream schooling as a result of numerous health related issues. However, just because we don’t always fit the expected mould, it does not mean that we are any less responsible than the next agent, for […]