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Tag: Environment

National Youth Climate Virtual Summit – Damers First School

Damers First School from Dorset took part in the National Youth Climate Summit that was put together by Transform Our World, Global Action Plan. Each day had a different enviornemtnal theme tht included, Nature Oceans Water, Travel, Pollution and Waste, Food Farming, Forests, Fashion and Consumption, A Sustainable Future. Damers FirstSchool Hostsed the Day on […]

Roots & Shoots Awards 2017 – What an honour

It was back in August 2015 that I was invited along to accompany a friend to a VIP Jane Goodall event in London.  At this time, my knowledge of Dr Jane was very minimal but after a bit more research and videos watched, I was taken by her passion, dedication and growth in the natural […]

From Turners Hill to Tanzania

In July 2012 Turners Hill School were lucky enough to win £1000 in the Green School Awards. We have already implemented many green initiatives in school and decided that we would like to spread the eco message further afield, internationally! We decided that we would like to spend the money on a laptop and solar […]

Our Roots & Shoots group (what was and is and is to come!)

The Roots & Shoots programme is ‘About making positive change happen’ and so is everyone at St Christopher’s Roots & Shoots is also about creating a ‘Supportive environment where young people come together to share ideas and inspiration’ just like St Christopher’s. Roots & Shoots encourages ‘young people like us to implement successful community service projects and participate […]

Year 6 building an african keyhole garden!

Our Year 6 pupils have been very busy building a sustainable african keyhole  garden.  They have been learning about sustainability and the soil conditions in Africa.  They have decided to grow tomatoes, sweetcorn and potatoes.    The children used a combination of bricks and stones to create the garden.  They turned a piece of willow fencing […]

Ringwood School Update – Environment

Some projects cannot be confined to one school term. Furthermore, several straddle the people, animals and environment divide! PEP TALK, our campaign for the eradication of non-recyclable yogurt pots is an example of both. Running throughout the year, the campaign was inspired by graphic images of marine animals destroyed by plastic in the Pacific. We […]

The Long Eaton School’s Green Britain Day

Students and staff really celebrated ‘Green Britain Day’ by starting the day off with a ‘Cycle to school event’ which including every student and member of staff who cycled to school, 193 participants, receiving a free healthy breakfast.  This was part of our raising awareness of sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. Another venture for […]

Highland’s Update

Environment Once again the weather has been the dominant force over the summer months, with team ventures being cancelled on a number of occasions as a result of designated work areas being affected by heavy flooding, leaving unsafe conditions under foot. We have consequently failed to carry out research projects on behalf of a number […]