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Lymm High School: Spreading the “Sense of Community” across Continents

Our sense of ‘community’ transcends national boundaries. We have taken a conventional school twinning project and transformed it into a international project for the whole community. The result is a complex and innovative scheme that is having a massive impact on students and adults on two continents. Warrington hit the national headlines for the wrong […]

Rediscover Your Heart : 7 Keys for Personal and Planetary Transformation

by Fred Matser Mikhail Gorbachev (Foreword), Deepak Chopra (Afterword) Born into modest circumstances in the Netherlands, Fred Matser unexpectedly found himself heading the family business from a young age. He went on to develop it into one of the largest property development companies in Europe. Outside of his business career Matser had some extraordinary transcendental […]

NEWS ALERT – Fundraising

October and November are Roots & Shoots’ official fundraising months for the Jane Goodall Institute. During this time we invite schools to take part in fundraising for our Africa programmes. For information on how you can raise money and where it goes, see our Autumn 2007 newsletter.

History: The Dustbowl in America

The period of American history known as the Dustbowl took place during the 1930s. Exhaustive farming techniques with little or no crop rotation took its toll on the condition of soil in the American and Canadian prairie lands, in particular destroying the vast grasslands. When a period of severe drought occurred, the dry and exposed […]

The 2008 Roots & Shoots Awards with Dr Jane

On the 15th September, schools from across the UK gathered together in London to share and present their Roots & Shoots activities to Dr Jane and each other at the Roots & Shoots Awards ceremony. The event took place at the prestigious National Theatre on the South Bank. The National aims to re-energise the great […]

Volunteer Opportunities!

If you are interested in making a bigger contribution, then the Jane Goodall Institute has some exciting new volunteer opportunities that could be ideal for you! See below for full role descriptions of the placements, which are all based in east Africa but run for differing lengths of time. Curriculum Guide Development Volunteer – Uganda […]

Who Lives in the Ice? – An Iceworld Activity

Where do people live in cold places in the world today? Who are they, and how do they cope with these extreme environments? Find out who they are and learn about what a day in their life is like.   Download this Activity Sheet »   Image: “Inuit Grandma 1 1995 06 11” by Ansgar Walk […]