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Tag: Pollution

Precious Water – St Mary’s School Ascot

Salt water makes up approximately 97% of Earth’s water which leaves only about 3% freshwater available for plants and animals. In addition, two thirds of the freshwater is actually frozen solid in glaciers, snow and polar ice caps. Only surface water and groundwater can be used by living organisms and once it becomes polluted, it […]

Oxford University Thinks Global, Acts Local

Roots and Shoots Oxford started this year by filling its members with new angles on current affairs. We held film screenings of ‘The Cove’, a beautifully shot documentary detailing how a group of activists attempt to stop Japanese fishers illegally catching dolphins. A showing of ‘Crude’ was provided in the wake of the Louisiana oil […]

Camborne Science & Community College Raises Awareness on Heavy Metal Pollution

In the past few years, Camborne Science and Community College has built strong links with the Ritsumeikan High School in Japan, so it was with great anticipation that three of our students travelled all the way to the Shiga District near Kyoto in Japan last month. Their mission: to present a scientific study at an International […]