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New Year’s Resolution: Recycle!

Christmas is over for another year and the great new-year clear-up is underway, at least in our house. When I think about all the wrapping paper, left over food, unwanted gifts, Christmas trees and all those food containers – that’s a lot of waste! So what can we do about it?


One of the many things at Penryn College that the environmental leaders find difficult is the number of plastic bottles and plastic things that get thrown away each day.  Even though a lot of this gets recycled the students thought they might do something a bit more interesting with the waste we produce so they […]

Recycling with Parents Help

Many of our parents are equally concerned with being sustainable and protecting our environment. One example of their participation is a new recycling ink cartridges programme that Mrs. Woodruff and her daughter Dora have set up. Now, not only can we recycle our batteries with the help of the Kensington and Chelsea borough but now […]

Yr 7 Students continue the Paper Cycle Project

We have continued our Paper Cycle Project into the Summer Term. As well as  continuing to make our paper fuel briquettes and paper recycling boxes we have started 2 new projects involving recycling paper. These are making seed paper and making paper pots for growing seeds. Paper Briquettes  Year 7 students made a further 200 paper […]

Coleshill Infants’ School Recycles for Africa – Mission Update!

The year 2 pupils undertook a project on Africa. They learnt about global warming and the effect it has had in many African countries. We had a campaign to collect old mobile phones and ink cartridges which we recycled and sent the money to an African charity which helps people to grow their own food.