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Recycling Discovery Centre visit

The average household in the UK produces more than a shocking tonne of waste every year. Put together, this comes to a total of 25 million tonnes per year (data from 2014)*, equivalent to the weight of three million double-decker buses, a queue of which would go around the world two. Four fifth of this amount is produced in […]

9 ways to reduce your plastic use

If you watched Blue Planet, you’ll have seen the terrible plight marine animals fast as a result of the plastic we dump in the seas. And it’s not just marine animals; we are rapidly filling up our environment with plastic that takes thousands of years to break down, and then still persists in the environment […]

Paper Cycle – A Queen Elizabeth II High School Mission

Project Subject: Paper is a commodity used to excess in the modern world. Books, pages, lined paper, blank paper, pamphlets, posters, packaging – everywhere you look, there it is. In a busy school environment, thousands of pieces of paper are used every week – and a good number of these are just wastefully thrown away. […]

Arts and the Outdoors at Penryn College

What an exciting opportunity it was when a local artist, Binki Rees, approached the school with an offer of building an outside kiln in our ecology area.  Choosing a small group of our environmental leaders and arts leaders we met up on a Saturday morning to create the kiln. With the aid of an old […]

Robert Gordon’s College ECO-Systems Project!

Pupils have spent several weeks planning and creating 5 eco-friendly ECO-systems in the Biology Department at Robert Gordon’s College. A tired display cupboard was in much need of a revamp so pupils were invited to choose what could be done to make it look interesting.  The whole idea then expanded due to pupil interest and […]

One World: People in a Global Village – Mission Update!!

As Ringwood’s work on the One World theme continued throughout the Summer term, we tried to meet the Roots & Shoots challenge of spreading the word of Roots & Shoots (Exercise 2 of J’s Lost Notebook). The many school and community projects that we have been involved with and that are described below, have allowed […]

“And to think we had hailstones two weeks ago…”

Dust Bowl Project: Environmental Factors Agents learnt how and why the American Dust Bowls emerged and then looked at the effects on the people involved. Kent’s environmental change 80 yrs later was due to many of the same factors and the agents studied how scientists, farmers and environmentalists tackled the problem then and now. They […]

“Well haven’t we been busy!!!” :D

Our Eco group have had a hit squad working on our school’s carbon foot print. We started our Eco group in September 2008 and have been busy workers from mucky gardeners to being Eco-fairies. Just a little taste of what we have been doing… First of all we did a litter pick on our school […]