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Supported by Colin Firth

Colin FirthColin Firth is one of our nation’s national treasures.  He has supported Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots programme for the last seven years and we are privileged to have him as our ambassador.  He is a strong advocate for environmental matters and sustainable practice which he employs in all aspects of his life and work.

“With the challenges recently presented at COP26 and the on-going effects of the Pandemic still very much at the forefront of our daily lives, the resilience of our Roots & Shoots members in continuing to strive towards conservation is both impressive and re-assuring. They are creating a sustainable future led by responsible and eco-conscious Global citizens. I am confident that their actions are truly leading us down the path of positive change. Roots & Shoots has become much more than just another environmental programme. It is a way of life for young people – not only in the UK but across the Globe.” – Colin Firth

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