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Welcome to Mission Control!

Thanks for registering for Roots & Shoots: Mission Possible! As a member you can now download any of the resources we offer.

If you are not doing a Roots & Shoots activity already, then please take a look at our currently featured Gombe activities, or the Iceworld, Dustbowl and Waterworld missions and activities and see if you would like to use any of them at your school. Please also tell us what you think of them by adding comments on the activity. You can also take a look at some of the projects carried out by other schools to provide inspiration.

You can keep all the Roots & Shoots members up to date with what you are doing by making a post on this website. Your post will appear in the news section of the site, and also be linked to from your school homepage (link on the right). All projects that we hear about from your posts are eligible for the Roots & Shoots Awards as well, with a chance to meet Dr Jane Goodall!

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