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Recycle Your Phone, Build a School!

Help us to help the children of the Democratic Republic of Congo by recycling your old mobile phone to raise money to build schools. As an extra incentive there are prizes to be won for those who collect the most phones!

Children in rural areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) begin school in appalling conditions. We take it for granted to have books, pens, pencils; a school with strong walls and a roof, proper chairs and benches but these are unavailable for children born there. You can help us change this!

The Jane Goodall Institute in the DRC has an extensive environmental education programme that makes it possible for Congolese pupils to learn about the value of the animals and the rainforest surrounding them. They also renovate and build schools so children can learn in appropriate conditions. Get together with your classmates and collect as many mobile phones as you can. Ask your parents and other family members as well to dig out their old mobiles and help our cause.

“Educated children will have a better chance in life and will have the opportunity to make a difference.”

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Mobile Recycling Poster


So, get collecting. Download this poster, print it out and place it on the corridor of your school to spread the word about the campaign (don’t forget to ask for permission from your teacher beforehand).

Download the campaign poster »


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