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There are a whole host of useful resources out there on the web. Here, we have tried to bring together links for the ones that we have found most useful, arranged in categories. We would love to add more tried and tested links, so please drop us a line with any suggestions.

Activity Ideas

Background Reading (Dustbowl)

Background Reading (General)

  • “Who Will Save Us?” – A book about climate change
    Flip & Flap, Waddle, Splash and Littlest are a group of young penguins discovering their wonderful world, only to find it is changing at the hands of the humans. Adopting a positive and practical approach, ‘Who Will Save Us?’ teaches children (and th
  • BBC Wildfacts Site
    An excellent site full of information, pictures and sound clips of animals, including extinct animals.
  • Bird and Animal Sounds
    The British Library’s collection of bird and animal sounds, arranged by locality. Great for identifying birds and animals you hear near you!
  • Bird Sounds 1
    A selection of different bird songs to listen to, to help you identify birds local to you.
  • Bird Sounds 2
    Another selection of bird songs to listen to, to help you identify birds local to you.
  • Earth Lab Fossil Datasite
    Pictures and information on fossils and rocks from around the UK, searchable by location.
  • How to bind a book
    How to bind a book – a great way to store the results of your Roots & Shoots projects!

Background Reading (Iceworld)

Background Reading (Waterworld)

Friends of Roots & Shoots

  • Chimpanzee Central at the Jane Goodall Institute
    Learn all about chimpanzees and the Jane Goodall Institute’s work in Africa
  • Eco-Schools
    Eco-Schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of school life. Roots & Shoots activities are an excellent way to work towards an Eco
  • Nature Detectives from the Woodlands Trust
    A selection of resources from the Woodland Trust
  • Peace One Day
    Supporting World Peace Day is a way of showing you stand for living in balance with the planet and each other – find out more here.
  • The Jane Goodall Institute – UK
    Everything you need to know about the Jane Goodall Institute, the people who run Roots & Shoots: Mission Possible
  • The Web Of Hope
    Education for sustainable development.
  • World Animal Day
    Show the animals you care – be part of something special!

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