Here you will find a series of resources that can be downloaded and carried out either as individual or group activities.

Most of our activities are suitable as classroom activites and others can be used for homework. There are also activities for fundraising, craft and notes for teachers.

All of our activities are free but you can help to support the work of Roots & Shoots in the UK by making a donation, no matter how small. The easiest way to donate to the Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots programme UK online is by using Virgin Money Giving. This can be a one off donation for any amount you want (every pound helps!) or if you prefer you can set up a regular, monthly donation.

Twinning Programme

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots is delighted to announce their new twinning programme between schools in the UK and schools in the United Arab Emirates.

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Roots & Shoots activities are available in themed sets, each based around a possible future world. Each themed set comes with a mission briefing comic giving information on the future world, teacher briefing notes and a set of activities that can used together or singly.

Forest Activities

These activity ideas are all about looking at forests and woodlands and understanding how they affect Animals, People and the Environment.

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Dustbowl Activities

In the Dustbowl Mission Chrono-bot R00T5 travels to a future where crops have failed leading to dust storms, and Kent is a strange, almost lunar landscape, with little or nothing growing. Conservation of pollinating insects today can prevent future crop failure and the resulting catastrophic dust storms. What can YOU do to help? More activities for The Dustbowl are coming your way soon...

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Iceworld Activities

In the Iceworld Mission, Chrono-bot 5H00T5 travels to a future where the gulf stream has shifted due to climate change, leaving Scotland frozen. The smallest improvement in the rate of climate change today could help, so the more energy we can individually save the better! We have a whole host of activities to help you and your students do this.

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Waterworld Activities

In the Waterworld Mission Chrono-bot R00T5 travels to a future where East Anglia is flooded and marshy. But it's not the water that's the problem, it's the drug-resistant malarial mosquitoes that are everywhere... What can you do to help prevent this happening? Activities for Waterworld are coming your way soon...

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Fundraising Activities

Here you will find a series of fun activities to raise money for Roots & Shoots. Got a fundraising idea of your own that you'd like to share with us? Let us know!

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Gombe Activities

Chronobots R00T5 & 5H00T5 are at the Gombe 50th Anniversary celebrations. Chief Agent Jane tells them how things have changed over five decades of hard work. Chronobot 5H00T5 goes back in time to see how things used to be when the project first started, while R00T5 travels forward in time to the Gombe 100th Anniversary celebrations. In the future, R00T5 sees that continued application of the Roots & Shoots programme has ensured a balanced and prosperous life for the people, animals and environment of Gombe. However, back in the past, 5H00T5 has caused the young Chief Agent Jane to lose her notebook! Without the notebook the foundations of Roots & Shoots as we know it may never happen. We need YOUR HELP to piece together the information Jane will need....

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My Local Area

A whole set of activities dedicated to learning about - and improving - your local area.

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Other Activities

Here you will find our older activity ideas, that aren't linked in to a specific Roots & Shoots mission. These activity sheets aren't as comprehensive as the mission based ones, but still give you lots of ideas for projects you may wish to run.

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People Activities

These activity ideas are all about learning about and helping people all over the world.

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Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Activities

These activities are all about reducing our impact on the environment by reducing the resources we use and the amount of waste we create, reusing things where we can and recyling instead of sending to landfill. There's lots of great ideas here, why not give them a try!

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Termly Focus

Here you will find information about each term's focus and related activities or resources to help you with them.

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Other Downloads

As well as the activity sheets, we have a selection of other useful downloads.


Forms to download and use, e.g. for consent to use photos etc...

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Newsletters and Notes

Notes on how Roots & Shoots: Mission Possible works, and archived newsletters.

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Posters & Stickers

Posters and stickers for the classroom

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Related Links

There are a whole host of useful resources out there on the web, so we have selected a few useful ones that might come in handy for you.

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