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Little Lions Nursery

Little Lions Nursery is in Lincolnshire, England.

The Environment Around Little Lions Nursery

The local environment around Little Lions Nursery is described as:

“Town centre in a deprived area. We are next to the Central Park. We have just started to do Forest School lessons that the children love, we do these in the park and have also dedicated an area in our playground. Our nursery caters for children ages 2 years to 5 years mainly government funded children, many children are English as another language and the town centre where we are based is surrounded by housing of multiple occupants which house many families of which the children do not have garden access. We are passionate about outside learning for the children as it helps with behaviour and well being of the children. We want to get involved with more environmental activities with the children so would love to join you guys, as we feel nursery age children are at the foundations of learning and we can make a great impact from a young age. Thanks Michelle Nursery Manager.”

The kind of things that are available at/near to Little Lions Nursery are: