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Westhill Primary School

Westhill Primary School is in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Latest News from Westhill Primary School

Homes for our local wildlife

Our Primary 7’s have been very busy this term practising our woodwork skills! We used lots of tools to build homes for the birds, bugs and bats who live in our local area. We then worked with our local ranger to find the best places in the woods to put them. We found out that […]

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The Environment Around Westhill Primary School

The local environment around Westhill Primary School is described as:

“Our school is in a town on the outskirts of Aberdeen. We have one large playing field. At one end we have a few trees. We also have a small area of grass where we have a a couple of raised beds for planting vegetables. We have a greenhouse built using plastic bottles. There are also concrete areas. Our playground is open to the public all of the time, so anyone can access it out of school hours.”

The kind of things that are available at/near to Westhill Primary School are: