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Spring Term 2012

This term, we are turning our attention to the forests and woodlands that play such an important role in our landscape. Activities are geared to using local forests or woodland as a learning resource so that pupils can get out and about and interact with their local environment.

People, animals and the environment: Home and abroad

We have designed this Roots & Shoots resource so that pupils will appreciate the important role that forests play in their lives – even if they don’t live near one. Without the products that forests provide, our world would be a very different place. From the Christmas trees we took down last month, the furniture we sit on, to the paper we write on – we depend on Forests for many more things than we realise.

It’s not just people that rely on forests. We have included activities to show how plants and animals and the environment are all affected by the presence of forests – and what happens to them when deforestation occurs.

Pupils can tackle these activities by thinking about their local woodland, or the forests and woodlands across the UK. You can then choose to extend the resources by comparing and contrasting the UK findings with the very different environment that surrounds Jane Goodall’s TACARE project in Tanzania.

Join in! Post your story for others to share online

Over one thousand schools are now members of Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots but only a small proportion of you have chosen to post about your activities online. This term, we wanted to focus on a resource that was so wide ranging that it would make it easy for groups who are just starting out with Roots & Shoots or who have yet to complete a Roots & Shoots activity.

If you decide to carry out any or all of the activities in our Forest Resource, tell us about your experiences online. What did your pupils learn that surprised them? Were you inspired by the TACARE initiative? How will your class make a practical, positive change that benefits people, animals or the environment as a result of your activities?

Spring Term Awards

If you post a story about your project before 31st March, you will be eligible for a Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Award Certificate and the opportunity to be invited to this year’s Awards Ceremony to meet Dr. Jane in person in December.

Don’t forget to check our awards page for tips on what the judges are looking for and for details of our Photography and Individual Endeavour Awards.

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