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Spring Term Focus – The Environment

This Spring term, Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots has chosen to focus on projects which help benefit the environment, and in particular, will help minimise the impact of climate change over time.

Help us save Kent!

We need your pupils’ help to carry out the Dustbowl Mission.
Chrono-bot R00T5 has travelled to a future where Kent is a strange, almost lunar landscape, with little or nothing growing. Crops have failed leading to catastrophic dust storms. Pollinating insects, essential to plant growth, have been almost destroyed. What can YOU do today to ensure that the future is saved?

Make a positive difference – two activities you may wish to consider

Maintaining and protecting our green spaces is vital. They provide shelter and refuge for bees and many other species in a world that is constantly being developed. Why not try planting a wildlife garden? This could be big or small. A carefully planted hanging basket will provide food for many different bees and insects. A window box, or even a corner of the sports field that is not in use, could enable pupils to create a haven for animals and is a great place to spot some beautiful native birds and insects.

We know from your Project Updates that many of you already have a wildlife garden. If so, why not use it to complete our Phenology activity? Phenology is the study of Spring. By monitoring and recording the first appearances of birds, animals, insects and plants in your wildlife garden this Spring, you can check how these appearances have changed over time – and we can see if climate change is having an affect on wildlife. Kent may yet be saved!

Don’t forget, tell us about your activities!

Don’t forget to post a story on the website at to keep us updated about your projects and compare notes with other schools.

Spring Term Awards

If you post an entry about your project before the 17th April, you will be eligible for a Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Award Certificate. Don’t forget to check our awards page for tips on what the judges are looking for and important new information about the awards criteria.

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