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Summer Term 2011

In the Waterworld Mission, Chrono-bot R00T5 travels to a future where East Anglia is flooded and marshy. Can your class help R00T5 find out which parts of the UK are threatened by flooding, and how we may help prevent it?

Make a positive difference and try our “Floodrisk!” activity

This Summer term, Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots has chosen to focus on projects which help us to understand the impact of climate change on the physical and human geography of the UK.

In our “Floodrisk!” activity, your students will learn about the varied topography of the UK and discover which areas may disappear underwater if water levels rise. Is your school at risk?

How will our lives change if widespread flooding occurs? What could our homes look like? What are some of the practical problems we could experience?

Don’t Forget, Tell us About your activities!

Don’t forget to post a story on the website to keep us updated about your project and compare notes with other schools.

Summer Term Awards

If you post an entry about your project before the 26th August, you will be eligible for a Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Award Certificate. Don’t forget to check our awards page for tips on what the judges are looking for and for details of our Photography and Individual Endeavour Awards.

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