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Summer Term Focus – Celebrating 50 Years of Gombe

This term, Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots celebrates the 50th anniversary of the start of Dr. Jane’s groundbreaking studies of chimpanzees at Gombe. We have chosen to mark the occasion by launching an exciting new Roots & Shoots Gombe 50 Mission and set of activities for you to try.

Gombe 50 Mission

Chronobots R00T5 & 5H00T5 are at the Gombe 50th Anniversary celebrations. Chief Agent Jane tells them how things have changed over five decades of hard work. Chronobot 5H00T5 goes back in time to see how things used to be when the project first started, whileR00T5 travels forward in time to the Gombe 100th Anniversary celebrations.

In the future, R00T5 sees that continued application of the Roots & Shoots programme has ensured a balanced and prosperous life for the people, animals and environment of Gombe. However, back in the past, 5H00T5 has caused the young Chief Agent Jane to lose her notebook!

Without the notebook the foundations of Roots & Shoots as we know it may never happen. We need YOUR HELP to piece together the information Jane will need….

Making a positive difference – on a global scale

This activity is all about relating the efforts your students make in their Roots & Shoots projects that they carry out at school to the larger scale work of the Jane Goodall Institute.

Why not encourage your class to try writing up J’s lost notebook? They will compare and contrast their local environment to that of the Greater Gombe Ecosystem. By developing an understanding of the people, animals and environment of Gombe in Tanzania, they will be able to draw up an action plan for positive change.

The second activity suggests ways to communicate their efforts to a wider audience. By telling more people about your Roots & Shoots projects, the work of the Jane Goodall Insititute at Gombe, and enlisting them into Roots & Shoots, we can help ensure another successful 50 years!

Summer Term Awards

If you post a story about your Gombe 50 or other Roots & Shoots project before the 26th July, you will be eligible for a Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Award Certificate. Don’t forget to check our awards page for tips on what the judges are looking for and important new information about the awards criteria.

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