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Energy Activity 1: What Uses Energy at Home?

How and where is energy used in your home? The more energy we use, the more greenhouse gases are created contributing to climate change. How can we save energy?

The first of our “bite-sized” activities, this exercise  is part of the Iceworld Mission. Chrono-bot 5hoot5 travels to a future where the gulf stream has shifted due to climate change, leaving Scotland frozen. The smallest improvement in the rate of climate change today could help….

Pupils will create a poster listing items that use energy around the home. By raising awareness of how energy is used (and wasted) in each room, pupils should be encouraged to think about how their individual energy consumption might be reduced. The more energy we can save, the faster Scotland can be saved!

Download the Iceworld: What Uses Energy at Home activity

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Over one thousand schools are now members of Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots but only a small proportion of you have chosen to post about your activities online. By making our resources shorter and quicker to complete, we hope to encourage you to spare a few moments to tell us about your findings.

What did your pupils learn that surprised them? How will they reduce their energy consumption? What other ways will your class make a practical, positive change that benefits people, animals or the environment?

Don’t forget, if you post your story on the website at  you will be eligible for a Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Award Certificate and the opportunity to be invited to this year’s Awards Ceremony to meet Dr. Jane in person in December.

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